Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

More information about our products including finding the right tank for you, compatibility with sources and more.

Mixergy products and components

What variants are available?

Mixergy tanks come in vented and unvented, direct and indirect and standard and slimline diameters. See the table below for more on the variants and capacity. 

Capacity Direct Indirect Unvented Vented Height Diameter
120 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1001 580
150 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1185 580
180 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1371 580
210 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1561 580
250 litre Yes Yes Yes No 1806 580
300 litre Yes Yes Yes No 2076 580
Capacity Direct Indirect Unvented Vented Height Diameter
120 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1241 478
150 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1429 478
180 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1676 478
210 litre Yes Yes Yes Yes 1992 478


Both vented and unvented variants can also be fitted with an embedded Solar diverter, a PV switch or a heat pump interface to work with whatever heat source you have. See below for more on heat source compatibility

For detailed technical data on the individual variants, download our data sheets. 

Mixergy iHP

We also offer the Mixergy iHP, which is an integrated heat pump cylinder. This operates just like a regular cylinder, but with a connected heat pump on top. This is available in:

  • Standard diameter (580mm): 120, 150, 180, 210, 250 litres

The iHP can also be fitted with a PV switch, enabling you to boost your system with solar energy. 

What components are supplied with a Mixergy tank?

The following components are supplied with a Mixergy tank as standard:

  • Monobloc kit including pressure reducing valve, check valve, pressure and temperature relief valve and expansion relief valve
  • Tundish
  • Expansion vessel including mounting bracket and 3/4” x 22mm adapters (unvented only)
  • 3 kW immersion heater(s) 1.3/4” BSP (fitted)
  • High limit thermostat (indirect only, fitted)
  • 2-port diverter valve V4043H1056 (indirect/heat pump only)
  • Powerline to ethernet adapter TL-PA4010
  • Ethernet cable
  • User guide

Heat sources, compatibility and functions

Can I use more than one heat source to heat my water?

With a Mixergy tank, you can heat your water with a range of energy sources: gas or oil boiler, electric, solar PV, solar thermal, or heat pump. Read more about how our tanks work

Use our guide to find the right Mixergy tank for you.

Can I use a combi boiler to heat my water?

Yes. You will need to plumb the Mixergy tank into your central heating loop (i.e. what your radiators connect to). The ‘combi’ part of your boiler would be disconnected, effectively converting the combi boiler into a system boiler.

Do I need a PV diverter to heat my water with solar PV?

Yes. Without a PV diverter, you cannot detect when your PV system is generating surplus power, which is not being used elsewhere in the house – so your Mixergy tank will have no way of detecting when power can be drawn.

PV diverters can modulate the power drawn from the electric immersion element. For example, if only 1kW of excess PV is available, the PV diverter can only draw 1kW of power through immersion to heat the water. Without the PV diverter, the immersion element would draw 3kW of power, causing 2kW to be imported into the household from the grid during heating.

Which PV diverters are Mixergy tanks compatible with?

Mixergy tanks are compatible with all common PV diverters such as solar iBoostimmerSUN, and the myenergi eddi. If your system is specified for use with a PV diverter, we will provide a secondary immersion element for the diverter to plug into.

Does Mixergy offer a dual-coil / solar thermal option?

Yes. More information is available on our Solar Tank page.

Can Mixergy tanks also deliver space heating?

Mixergy tanks are designed for hot water delivery only. Space heating is generally intended to be provided by either boilers (70-80°C water) or heat pumps (30-45°C water) and use closed water loops. The water in these loops (i.e. your radiators or underfloor heating) is NOT potable and cannot be mixed with the hot water supply that the Mixergy tank delivers.

Is there a minimum flow rate required for the Mixergy tank?

There is no minimum flow rate required for the Mixergy tank to operate. However, swapping a conventional cylinder with a Mixergy tank will not improve the home’s hot water flow rate as this is limited by the flow rate supplied to the tank. We recommend 20 litres per minute for unvented installations for an optimal hot water experience.

What is a cleansing cycle?

The cleansing cycle runs every two weeks. This sterilisation process will heat the tank entirely to 100% to prevent legionella growth.

Purchasing a Mixergy Tank

How do I find the right tank for me?

Mixergy tanks come in various sizes and configurations to suit the needs of your home. The details you need to consider are outlined in our “What’s the right Mixergy tank for you?” section. You can also contact the Mixergy team, who will happily discuss the options.

How can I buy a Mixergy tank?

To purchase a Mixergy tank, please speak with your plumber or heating engineer for options on how to buy a tank and get it installed.

You can also search for a Mixergy Approved Installer local to you. They will also be able to provide you with an installed price.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

How can I get an update on my Mixergy tank?

If you’ve already ordered a tank and need to get an update on delivery, contact the Order Fulfilment team via email or call 01865 884343 (select option 2). If possible, please have your order details with you.

Where can I find customer reviews on Mixergy?

You can find customer reviews on Trustpilot or Google Reviews.

Manufacture and warranty

Where are Mixergy tanks manufactured?

Mixergy tanks are proudly manufactured in the UK.

Does the Mixergy tank come with a warranty?

Mixergy tanks come with a 25-year warranty, with all peripheral components and electronics subject to a 3-year warranty. To validate the warranty, your tank must be registered and connected to the Mixergy network. For full details, see our warranty Information.

What do I do if I have a technical problem? 

If you find there are any issues with your tank once it has been installed, please see the User Guide provided with your tank or the Homeowner section of this site. You can find information on the Mixergy App and controls and settings or visit the troubleshooting guide.  

If you still have a problem, please contact our technical support team through the contact form or call us on 01865 884 343 (select option 3).

Does Mixergy offer a service plan?

In addition to the warranty, Mixergy offers the Mixergy Care and Mixergy Care Plus plans. These plans can be purchased through the Mixergy App once your tank has been registered. 

Mixergy Care

Mixergy Care gives you hassle-free warranty cover and peace of mind that your tank is in full working order. Our team will take care of your tank using our remote maintenance software. We will also send you a free monthly health check to let you know that your tank is working well.

£4.99 a month or a single payment of £49.99 (2 months FREE)

Mixergy Care Plus

In addition to all the benefits of Mixergy Care, with Mixergy Care Plus, we will also cover the cost of any ancillary spare parts not covered by your 25-year warranty and the associated replacement labour charges.

£8.99 a month or a single payment of £89.99 (2 months FREE)

Transferring ownership of a Mixergy tank

If the account tied to your tank needs to be changed (if you are moving home for example), simply press and hold the boost down and power buttons for approximately 15 seconds. This will disassociate the existing account and enable you to register the tank. See the Mixergy App page for more information on registering your tank.