Cylinder controls and settings

Information on using your cylinder including setting schedules and using voice commands.

Controlling your system

Your Mixergy cylinder comes equipped with a simple gauge to allow for easy and fast control of your hot water:


The Mixergy App

For smart remote control over your Mixergy cylinder, use the Mixergy App. For more details on the App, how to use it and where to find it, visit the Mixergy App page. 

Voice control

Your Mixergy cylinder can be voice-controlled via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

You can use commands to set your hot water temperature, check how much water you currently have, or boost the cylinder. Plus, many more!

A list of commands is shown below, and we are working to add more commands to this list.

Google Assistant commands




OK Google, turn on <device name> heating. Sure, turning on heating on <device name>. Heats cylinder to 20% above current charge
OK Google, turn off heating in <device name>. Alright, turning off heating on <device name> Turns off the immersion (if 
it’s on
OK Google, fill <device name> <amount>. OK, filling to <amount>  
OK Google, fill <device name> to <%>. Got it, filling to <%>  
OK Google, how full is <device name>? <device name> is filled to <%>  
OK Google, is <device name> heating on? <device name> heating is on/of  
OK Google, what is the temperature in <device name>? <device name> is set to <degrees> <degrees> is the target, not 
the actual temperature
OK Google, set <device name> to <degrees>  Sure, setting <device name> to <degrees> Sets the target water 

Amazon Alex commands

Command Response
Alexa, boost Mixergy tank charge to <%>. OK
Alexa, increase Mixergy tank charge by <%>. OK
Alexa, what is the hot water level in the Mixergy tank? You have <%>
Alexa, what is the hot water level in my <device name>? You have <%>
Alexa, what is the amount of hot water in my <device name>? You have <%>
Alexa, what is the charge in Mixergy tank? Mixergy tank charge is <%>
Alexa, what is the charge in my <device name>? <device name> charge is <%>
Alexa, what is the state of charge in my <device name> <device name> charge is <%>
Alexa, is Mixergy tank boost on? Mixergy tank boost is <On/Off>
Alexa, turn off Mixergy boost OK
Alexa, set Mixergy tank temperature to XX˚C (e.g. 58˚C) OK
Alexa, what is the temperature in Mixergy tank? Mixergy tank temperature is <degrees>

How to achieve the most from your cylinder

Mixergy terminology key

  • Hot water level: the % of usable hot water available, or state of charge.
  • Draw event: any amount of hot water discharged from the cylinder.
  • Heating event: a scheduled heating instruction set in the Mixergy App (e.g. 
    heat to 50% at 7am on Monday).
  • Maintain levels: You can set your cylinder to maintain a state of charge between a minimum and maximum level. If the level of hot water drops below the minimum level, your cylinder will automatically heat until the maximum level is reached. We recommend a level of 15% (min) to 20% (max) (electric/gas) to cover any small draw event (e.g. washing dishes). For heat pump cylinders, it is recommended to set the maximum to 100%

Fuel type

Flexible tariffs with price volatility (e.g. Octopus Agile, Economy 7 or Economy 10)

  • Best time to heat: You’ll want all of your heating schedules to run when electricity is cheapest, during the set-off peak hours.
  • How much to heat: If possible, you’ll want to heat enough water to cover your expected usage for the entire day in one heating event. 

Flat tariffs with no price variability (e.g. electric flat rate, indirect sources such as gas boiler)

  • Best time to heat: The time you heat won’t affect how much you pay for the energy. To minimize heat losses, we suggest setting your cylinder to heat to the required amount just before the first expected draw event.
  • How much to heat: Set your cylinder to heat enough water at the times you need it. Be sure to put your cylinder in “indirect mode” through the App to ensure gas is used if it is cheaper than your electricity tariff!

Automatic schedule control

It can be tricky to know exactly how much hot water you’ll require on a daily basis, and that’s why we’ve produced an intelligent machine-learning algorithm, which will select the best possible heating schedule for you. This algorithm will optimise your energy use, so you’re always saving as much money on hot water bills as you can. It’s a win-win situation for you, and our planet!

Automatic control can be set to one of two modes

  1. Standard: your cylinder will heat conservatively, aiming to save some 
    money whilst minimising the chance that you’ll run out of hot water.
  2. Economy: your cylinder will heat to maximise savings. This comes 
    with an increased risk that you may run out of hot water if your 
    household uses more than estimated.

Before the machine learning kicks in, your actual hot water usage will be 
monitored over a short period. You should either set a manual schedule 
yourself to begin with, or your cylinder will run a default schedule – heating to 
100% at 3am.