The Mixergy App

You can find information on registering your tank, configuring the settings and monitoring everything from hot water levels to energy consumption.

The Mixergy App is the best way to interact with your Mixergy hot water tank. 

  • See the amount of hot water in your tank and give your tank a boost 
  • Monitor the energy consumption of your hot water tank 
  • See detailed graphs of your hot water levels and electricity consumption 
  • See whether the tank is currently heating your water 
  • Set an automatic heating schedule 
  • Get an estimation of your electricity and gas consumption and cost 
  • Set a holiday so your tank doesn't heat while you're away 

Downloading the Mixergy App 

The Mixergy App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play 

The Mixergy App will require you to create an account upon first use. Once your account has been created, you will be asked to register your tank.  

Registering your tank 

How do I register my tank? 

To Register your tank, you must input your Mixdevice code into the App. This is a 25-character identifier unique to your tank. 

MX label example-1

Alternatively, scan the QR Code (only available in iOS) on the label on your tank.  

Please note: The Mixdevice code is not the MX number shown on the same label.

An example of how to register a tank and set schedule control through the Mixergy App

Setting a schedule 

When registering your rank, you will be able to choose between using a Manual Schedule (you decide when it heats and how much) or Automatic Schedule Control (our machine learning algorithm will optimise your schedule to save on energy and money).  

The following options will be available under the Automatic Schedule control menu: 

  • If set to Off, your schedule will not be adjusted, and you must manually schedule your tank. 
  • If set to Standard, your tank will be conservative in its scheduling, aiming to save some money whilst minimising the chance that you'll run out of hot water. 
  • If set to Economy, your tank will optimise its schedule to maximise savings. This comes with an increased risk of running out of hot water if your household uses more than estimated. 

View your hot water level

The home screen shows the current heating status of your tank and how much water is available.

The Hot Water Level is the percentage of usable hot water in the tank.

In this example, 59% of the water in the tank is usable hot water (the red portion of the graph), and the remaining 41% is considered cold (the blue portion).

Mixergy consumer app - boost screen

The Heating Status tells you if the tank is currently heating or not. If it is heating, it will state where the instruction has come from. For example, whether it's in response to a boost (from the internet or gauge), due to a user-defined heating schedule, demand side response, or a water sterilisation cycle.

Below the Heating Status it will say what time Mixergy servers last received the water measurements. This information can be helpful when diagnosing internet connection issues in the home.

Boosting your tank

To boost your tank to heat more water, drag the slider on the right up with your finger to the desired level and let go. The green portion of the graph represents the level your tank is heating to, and the heating status below will change. The red portion will climb as the tank heats up until the target hot water level is reached. To cancel a boost made from the App, click Cancel Boost.

Setting a manual heating schedule

Click on the Schedule tab at the bottom of the page and press the + button to set when and how much you want your tank to heat. Click Save to view your new schedule.

You can set a different schedule for each day or copy the same schedule over to several days. You can also set the tank to maintain between a minimum and maximum level – this means that if the hot water level falls below the minimum hot water level, the tank will automatically turn back on again until the maximum level is reached. If no maintain parameter is set, the usable hot water will naturally cool off unless it is first used by a draw event.

For example, a schedule can be set every weekday to heat in the morning at 06:00 up to 80%, and then again at 18:00 to 40%. The initial heat to 80% in the morning should provide enough water to cover all morning showers, with a second boost in the evening in anticipation of another shower or bath, for example.

On the weekends, it could be that everyone is expected to be in the house all day and likely to be using hot water at different times. Therefore, a schedule can be set to heat at 08:00 to 70%. Then a maintain parameter is set to ensure between 15-25% usable hot water is always available throughout the rest of the day.

Mixergy consumer app - add a schedule-pngMixergy consumer app - full schedule

If you do not set a schedule yourself, your tank will automatically run on a 'default schedule' until you do. This setting will heat your tank to 100% every day at 3am. This may be useful to begin with if you are unsure of how much hot water your household requires, but please note that this may not be the most efficient setting to optimise on energy/cost!

Please note, the minimum hot water level your tank can heat to will be approx. 
~40% for indirect tanks and 20% for direct tanks (this will be slightly different 
depending on tank size). After this initial heat, you will be able to heat in 1% 

Vacation mode

Vacation mode will stop your tank heating when you are away, and any schedule currently set will be ignored until your return day. To enter vacation dates, click the aeroplane icon on the tool bar.

Mixergy consumer app - holiday modeMixergy consumer app - holiday mode confirmed

Setting your heat source

Click the Heat Sources tab to specify which heat sources you want to use to heat your tank.

Set which Default Heat Source you'd like to use to heat your water This will be used for all heating (boosting or scheduling), unless a Custom Heat Source is selected to run for a certain time of day. For example, you may wish to use electricity for heating during off-peak Economy 7 hours when electricity is cheap, and by gas outside of these hours.

You can set a custom source by clicking Add Heat Source on the toolbar. Select from Electric and Indirect (e.g. gas/oil/biomass).

Mixergy consumer app - select heat source

Please note: If available, your tank will automatically utilise any surpluses of solar thermal or PV, regardless of the heat sources selected in this tab.

Viewing hot water usage

Click the Measurements tab to view graphs visualising your hot water usage and electricity consumption. You can see graphs of previous days by clicking Pick Date underneath the graph.

You can see how these graphs are consistent with the set heating schedule and reflect water usage and natural cooling of the water throughout the day.

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 09.35.11_0821Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 09.35.16_0821

For example, in the hot water level graph you can see the hot water level rising to 70% at 01:30, as per the schedule. Just after 18:00, the water level dropped below 18%. As the tank's schedule was set to maintain between 18% and 35%, the tank automatically boosted itself to 35%. This worked out well for the user as shortly afterwards there was a large draw event, and without this boost there wouldn't have been enough hot water available.

Swipe right to see the Power graph. This shows how much power was used by the immersion heater (if heating by electric). In this example, there are three spikes, one at 01:30, and another one after 18:00 and 20:00. This is what you'd expected to see from looking at the heating schedule and hot water levels.

Calculation of energy usage and cost

The Mixergy App can calculate how much energy you've used to heat your water, and provide an estimate of how much this has cost. Click the Energy tab, and depending on which heat source you use, select either Electricity or Indirect. Then click Set Tariff.

If you are heating electrically, enter your peak/off-peak electricity prices for an estimation.

If you are heating via an indirect source, enter your tariff price and the capacity of your tank (in litres – this is written on the label on the front of your tank!). If you know the efficiency of your indirect heat source, enter this here for the most accurate price estimate. If you do not know the efficiency, a default rating of 80% efficiency will be set.

Mixergy consumer app - tariffIf you are heating via an indirect source, enter your tariff price and the capacity of your tank (in litres – this is written on the label on the front of your tank!). If you know the efficiency of your indirect heat source, enter this here for the most accurate price estimate. If you do not know the efficiency, a default rating of 80% efficiency will be set.

More options

To log out, change your password, or add a new tank to your account, return to the homepage Tank Info and click More.

Click System Settings to change the target temperature of your hot water, change your automatic schedule control setting. If you are using a heat pump as a heat source, you can set your heat pump temperature here.

   Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 09.36.00_0821Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 09.36.47_0821