How Mixergy tanks work

Find information on how the Mixergy tanks work with different power sources and interfaces.

How it works

Electric and gas

Mixergy electric and gas-powered tanks use novel top-up technology to ‘float’ hot water on top of cold. This means you can selectively ‘heat what you need’, rather than the whole tank. A sensor within the tank ensures you’ll always know how much hot water is available. Top-up reduces heat losses and improves reheat speed from cold (5x for electric, 2x for gas). This helps save money, time and energy.

Heat pumps

Mixergy heat pump tanks heat using an external heat exchanger and circulating pump to heat the full contents of the tank from the bottom up evenly via convection. This has the benefit of improving the efficiency of the heat pump (while heating hot water) by up to 8% and can increase the amount of hot water stored by the tank by up to 20% in some cases.


Solar phone-01_0821If you have an additional heat source, such as solar thermal or PV, you can heat water for free when the sun shines.

By heating a smaller portion of the tank, you are leaving more water available to be heated by renewable energy. This allows you to use more of the energy you produce, and export less!

Mixergy interfaces

Mixergy tanks operate on an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This means they’re internet-connected so that the tank, App, and Mixergy servers can communicate with each other, allowing you to control your tank from anywhere in the world.

Automatic software updates are regularly sent to ensure your tank is running smoothly with the newest features, and remote diagnostics can be carried out to check out any potential issues. 

Other smart home controls

The Mixergy cloud offers the most sophisticated control over your tank. However, you can still connect it to other smart home energy management systems, including Hive, Nest, Tado and more. This requires a simple switched live line enabling your Mixergy tank to receive scheduled heating signals from your home energy management system. 

For more information, see our Tank controls and settings page.