Support for common issues around connectivity and scheduling.

1. The Mixergy App won’t let me register my tank

Before you will be able to register your tank with your Mixergy account, the tank must first be installed and connected to the internet. If you are unable to establish an internet connection, please see the answers to question 2 below.

Ensure you are entering the 25-character mixdevice number, and not the MX number. This is printed on a white sticker on the side of your tank. 

MX label example-1

2. My tank is not connecting to the internet

A powerline adapter (included with your tank) should be plugged into a mains socket and connected to your internet router via the included ethernet cable. Check that this set-up has been correctly followed by your installer. If you still do not have an internet connection, check each of the following steps:

  • If you already have a homeplug AV network installed in your home, it is 
    recommended that you pair the tank with an existing homeplug adaptor to 
    avoid interference
  • Ensure that the adapter is not plugged into an extension lead.
  • If the bottom ethernet LED on the adapter [4] is not lit, the ethernet cable may have come loose and will need to be plugged in again (you should hear it click into place).
  • If the middle powerline LED on the adapter [4] is not lit, then your tank may have become unpaired from the powerline adapter connected to your router.

Pairing the tank

In the case that the cylinder does not automatically pair to the powerline adapter or connection to an existing homeplug AV network is desired, please follow the steps below to pair the cylinder to the network.

1. Use a thin tool to depress and hold the pair button for 1 - 2 

2. Depress the pair button on the powerline adapter for 1-2 seconds 
within 2 minutes of step 2.

3. Observe all 3 LEDs as solid green on the powerline adapter


If the above steps do not work to re-establish an internet connection, try to power the tank off and on at the mains, not through the power button on the gauge.

You can also watch the following video for a walkthrough of pairing your tank and advanced troubleshooting. 

3. What will happen to my heating schedule if the tank loses internet connection?

  1. Your tank will continue to heat according to the last schedule set when there is an internet connection.
  2. You can continue to boost your tank via the gauge without an internet connection.

Please note: if you power the tank off at the mains, it will need to re-connect to the internet in order to begin running the schedule again with the correct time. If no internet connection is available, the tank will enter an ‘offline’ mode where it will constantly maintain between 40-50% charge using your primary heat source.

4. Why won't my tank heat up above a certain %?

When operating in indirect mode – for example, with a gas boiler – the boiler heats the fluid, which passes through a coil inside the Mixergy tank to transfer the heat to the water inside the tank. If the gas boiler’s target temperature is too close or lower than the Mixergy’s target temperature, the gas boiler will not be able to deliver sufficient heat to the Mixergy tank. This is called boiler short cycling. To avoid this, you should increase the gas boiler temperature and/or reduce Mixergy’s target temperature.

When operating in direct electric mode, this could be caused by the immersion thermostat being set too low, resulting in the thermostat tripping prematurely. You can resolve this by turning up the immersion thermostat.

5. Why is my tank heating when the schedule is not set to heat?

This could be due to one of the following:

  1. The tank may have been boosted from the gauge of the App.
  2. If you set ‘maintain levels’ within the App, your tank will automatically begin to heat when the water level drops below the minimum parameter.
  3. If you have solar PV or solar thermal, your tank will automatically heat when surplus energy becomes available.
  4. A sterilisation cycle occurs every two weeks. This will heat the tank entirely to 100% to prevent legionella growth.
  5. If you have automatic heating control, your heating schedule will be automatically optimised and may be altered to assist with balancing the National Grid system.
  6. The tank runs a frost protection function. If the bottom temperature of the tank falls below 5°C, the tank will heat up until the bottom reaches 15°C. You can disable this function in the tank settings on the App. 

6.  Why is my tank not following the schedule

  1. If you have a sense cable connected, your tank will ignore its schedule.  Your tank will start to heat up when the cable becomes live and will stop when the cable is no longer live. To disable the sense cable in the app, click on the Schedule tab, click on the cog icon on the top tool bar, click “Ignore automatic off-peak sense and follow schedule”.
  2. If you do not have sense cable connected, it is still worth checking the above step, as it could be that the system has wrongly identified a sense cable to be present.
  3. If the tank has lost internet connection and been powered off and on, it will have entered offline mode and will maintain between 40-50%.
  4. If the tank is in vacation mode, the tank will not follow its schedule until the return date set in the App.
  5. If the power button on the gauge has been pressed and held, the tank will enter a standby mode and will not heat. Press and hold the button again to continue heating according to the set schedule.

If you continue to have any problems with your internet connection or how to operate your tank, please call Mixergy on 01865 884 343 and we’ll be happy to help!