Installer Network and Training

Find information about joining our installer network, access to training and resources

How do I join the Installer Network?

We are always looking to grow our network of quality installers keen to offer Mixergy cylinders to their customers. Becoming an Approved Installer is easy; complete the application form

Where can I find out about installer training?

When you apply to join our installer network, we'll arrange a time for training that is convenient for you. Training is a quick and easy process. As a taster, check out our installer training video below. 

Do I have to be an Approved Installer to install a Mixergy cylinder? 

Mixergy cylinders can be installed by any plumber or heating engineer with the relevant qualifications. It is mandatory that installers must hold a BPEC G3 qualification if they are to install an unvented hot water cylinder.

However, we strongly recommend signing up to become an Approved Installer. This will give you a stronger understanding of our cylinders and apps. Our installer network is also featured on our website, giving you more visibility to customers. 

Where can I find technical details for the Mixergy cylinders?

We have full technical datasheets for our cylinders. These can be found using the links here.

The complete installation and servicing guide for the Mixergy cylinder is also available here. 

Where can I get more details on the Installer App?

The Installer App is an easy way for you to commission your Mixergy install. As well as accessing technical guides, schematics, and ‘how-to’ videos, you can also remotely track and manage your Mixergy installs. 

The Installer App is available to download via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.