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MDC0007-03 PV Diverter Installation

Installation instructions for Mixergy embedded diverters.

Download the installation guide (PDF, 301kb)


System details

The Mixergy solar diverter is a device which allows your hot water cylinder to redirect and absorb excess solar energy from local PV panels in the form of hot water. This absorbed energy offsets the primary energy demand of the hot water system, reducing running costs and lowering the carbon footprint of your water heating. 

Thermostat cut-out temperature 80 °C
Immersion heater(s) rating 230-240 V~ 2.7-3.0 kW
Immersion heater(s) specification EN 60335-2-73
Immersion heater(s) type 356 mm Incoloy/Ti
Modulation range 30W - 3000W
Immersion heater(s) type 100W

Included parts

  • Solar diverter (pre-fitted to cylinder)
  • EV CT interface
  • Current clamp x 2
  • Mounting hardware (VHB pad, screws x 2, wall plugs x 2)
  • 1 m ethernet cable x1, 3m ethernet cable x1 


Installing the current reader

Positioning the EV CT interface

The EV CT device must be placed within 200mm of the household's incoming mains supply cabling and (optionally) the solar inverter's primary feed.

The EV CT should then be fixed to the wall using the two provided self-tapping screws, fixing the device using the provided mounting holes as pictured below.


Installation of the current clamps

Current clamp CT1 must be attached around the neutral (blue/black) cable on the incoming mains supply with the arrow pointing towards the incoming supply 80/100A main fuse. The current clamp must then be plugged into the terminal on the EV CT labelled CT1.

Current clamp CT2 must be attached around the neutral (blue) cable of the solar inverter’s primary feed; the current clamp can be oriented in either direction. Current clamp CT2 must then be plugged into the terminal on the EV CT labelled CT2.


Connecting the diverter

Connection of the EV CT to the diverter

The EV CT must be connected to the diverter using either cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable and standard RJ-45 connectors using the TIA/EIA-568-B.1-2001 T568B wiring scheme. Ensure that the cable used contains all 4 twisted pairs (8 conductors). Connection should be made between one of the ‘zoneBUS’ ports labelled on the EV CT device and the RJ-45 port located on the left side of the PV diverter enclosure, as pictured below.

Note: While ethernet cable is used for this connection, the communication protocols used are not compatible with standard networking hardware and the connection between the diverter and clamp must be direct (i.e. no network switches or routing equipment is to be fitted in between)


Software setup

To enable diverter functionality, ensure the checkbox ‘Use spare PV to heat tank’ is selected. This option can be found in the tank settings page on the phone app/Mixcloud.


Commissioning checklist

  1. Have the solar panels been correctly installed and commissioned on-site?
  2. Has a solar inverter been installed and properly commissioned according to the manufacturer’s instructions?
  3. Has the smart cylinder and diverter been installed and properly commissioned according to the manufacturer’s instructions (MDC0001/ MDC0007)
  4. Has the diverter's current measurement device (clamp + reader) been installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions?


If the cylinder cannot detect the presence of the current reader, this will be indicated by a rapidly flashing red light on the front of the cylinder controller. If this is the case, double-check the wiring between the cylinder controller, diverter and current clamp. If the problem persists, please contact Mixergy directly.

If the cylinder switches the immersion on to full power at all times when diverting, this likely indicates that the current clamp has been installed with the arrow pointing in the wrong direction. Double-check that the arrow direction is facing as described as shown in 'installation of the current clamps'. If the problem persists, please contact Mixergy directly.

Spare parts

Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts of the Mixergy diverter unless you are a trained operative. If you suspect a fault or a replacement part is needed, please contact Mixergy directly.

To determine the correct parts for your system, please ensure you have your cylinder MX number, which can be found on the nameplate at the front of the cylinder.

Part description Part number
Enclosure cover MME0074
Diverter PCB MAS0056
Current reader MAS0061
High-limit stat GTLHR070