Connectivity support

How Mixergy cylinders connect to the internet, available technical support and benefits.

Connecting Mixergy cylinders

Below, Mixergy's Ben Duncan provides a brief overview of connecting and troubleshooting Mixergy cylinders. 


This video is divided into three sections:

1. Connect your Mixergy tank to the internet. Time: 00min, 2sec
2. What to look for when the tank is offline. Time 01min, 18sec
3. Further investigations. Time 03min, 13sec

Why do Mixergy cylinders connect to the internet?

Mixergy cylinders connect to the internet to enable smarter hot water control using the Mixergy App. This also allows software updates to be automatically received when new App features become available. Remote diagnostics can also be carried out on the cylinder should you have any problems.

Can I still use a Mixergy cylinder without Wi-Fi or an internet connection?

Mixergy cylinders do not require Wi-Fi. Mixergy provides a power-line adapter device that directly plugs into your broadband router, and the cylinder uses powerline communication to provide an internet connection to the cylinder.

If the household doesn’t have a broadband connection, the cylinder can still operate in offline mode. When the cylinder is offline, app control and smart scheduling become unavailable. However, the cylinder can still be controlled locally by the gauge.

The internet connection is poor. Will this affect how the Mixergy cylinder works?

Mixergy cylinders do not require a high-speed internet connection. A relatively slow but stable internet connection will work fine. If the internet does temporarily disconnect, the cylinder will continue to heat according to the last schedule set when there was an internet connection. You can also use the gauge to boost the cylinder without needing internet.

What if the powerline adaptor doesn't work or the connection is intermittent?

This is most likely caused by a powerline interference or conflict with other powerline devices you already have in the house.  

First, please ensure the Mixergy powerline adaptor is plugged into a wall socket, not an extension lead. If you already have a powerline network in the house and it is a TP-Link brand, you can pair the cylinder directly into your existing powerline network. If it is not TP-Link, Mixergy can supply a Wi-Fi connection kit as a backup solution upon request.

Alternatively, you can hardwire an ethernet cable from the internet access point/router to the cylinder. 

Can I hardwire a network connection?

Yes, you can hardwire an ethernet cable into the Mixergy control panel, negating the need to use the powerline adapter. To do this, you must isolate power, remove the control panel lid, disconnect the beige ethernet cable, and insert your network cable (Cat 5/6) in its place before refitting the lid and powering up the cylinder.

Will the Mixergy cylinder still work if the internet stops working?

The Mixergy cylinder has ‘memory’ and will follow the last known schedule until the cylinder reconnects to the network. If the schedule changes during that period, the cylinder will be updated. The gauge can always control the cylinder even if there is no internet.

If the cylinder loses power while offline and subsequently powers back on without an internet connection, the cylinder will enter an offline mode and aim to maintain half-capacity. 

Can I commission the cylinder if the property has no internet?

The Mixergy cylinder can be commissioned ‘offline’ by using the gauge to change/select the correct heat source (direct/indirect/heat pump) and then boosting. Details of how to do this are on page 31 of the Installation Guide.

Can Mixergy remotely connect to the cylinder and help to set it up?

Yes, providing the Mixergy cylinder is online (blue connectivity light present on the gauge), Mixergy will be able to connect and help you set up the Mixergy cylinder remotely.

How can I access the Mixergy Enterprise Installer app for commissioning in the field?

You will need to join our Installer Network and complete the training. Once the training is completed, you will be issued a Portfolio ID number that will allow you to register as an approved installer and commission in the field.

What additional connectivity allowances do I need to make for the PV-embedded version of the Mixergy cylinder?

It would be best to run a dedicated Cat 5 ethernet cable between the cylinder and the mains services cupboard (mains isolator and distribution board). The cylinder end of this network circuit is connected to the Mixergy cylinder-mounted PV diverter; the other end is where the CT clamp is fitted around the main's incoming power cable.